AIA Future Focused - Beverly Frank, AIA

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Beverly Frank, AIA, currently serves as president of AIA Florida.  She previously served as AIA Tampa Bay president and other positions, gaining valuable knowledge while working collaboratively to help the component promote the value of the architectural profession.  Beverly sits on the advisory committee for the University of South Florida’s Florida Center for Research and Community Design and volunteers for the Wounded Warriors Ability Ranch. Her professional experience includes nine years with Gould Evans before founding BFrank Studio in 2016.  As principal and partner of a teaching studio, Beverly is committed to bridging the importance of design and the business of architecture.  Elevating the profession through advocacy and professional development are two of the primary tenets of Beverly’s commitment to serving AIA at the state and local levels.  She seeks to promote the value of the profession in the community and with civic leaders, acting as a mentor to emerging professionals.  As Vice President of the AIA Florida Board, Beverly will do so with integrity and passion – remembering that the core meaning of “profession” is a calling, a vow, a promise.
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