2022 AIA Toledo Emerging Professional of the Year

Submitted by Nancy Odenweller on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 20:35
{"version":"0.3.0","atoms":[],"cards":[["images-card",{"images":[{"url":"http:\/\/res.cloudinary.com\/dpcbzfiye\/image\/upload\/v1670013233\/hlhrhcotbdlpigsm874t.jpg","id":"6573123"}]}]],"markups":[],"sections":[[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"In\nrecognition of his commitment to the profession, the Toledo Chapter of the\nAmerican Institute of Architects (AIA) is pleased to announce that Alexander\nSchrinel, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate, has been named Emerging\nProfessional of the Year for 2022."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Alex\nis a registered architect with Buehrer Group Architecture and Engineering where\nhe started as an intern while attending Bowling Green State University and has\nremained over the past 6 years. Following his studies at BGSU, Alex obtained\nhis Master of Architecture from Miami University, focusing on the importance of\narchitecture and civic engagement in relation to socio-political issues within\ncommunities. Since obtaining his graduate degree and architecture license, Alex\nhas spent much of his time designing various civic-centered structures in\nNorthwest Ohio."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Throughout\nhis young career, Alex has had the honor of working on the design team of\nvarious projects that have had substantial influence on the surrounding\ncommunity. Projects such as The ProMedica Museum of Natural History at the\nToledo Zoo, Buckeye Central K-12 and STEAM additions, Wynford 5-12 School\nBuilding, and Mott Branch Library serve as just a few examples of these\nprojects. In addition, he has recently designed multiple projects that have\ndriven transformations of existing buildings into civic-centered structures\nthat emphasize community engagement within a contemporary design to satisfy the\nowners\u2019 needs and future goals. These projects include Birchard Public\nLibrary\u2019s addition and renovations, Luckey Library, Clay High School Performing\nArts Center, and ODNR Magee Marsh Migratory Bird Center."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"In\naddition to his work with Buehrer Group, Alex is an adjunct instructor in the\nSchool of the Built Environment at BGSU where he teaches computer aided design\nand has been invited as a guest juror for design reviews. Formerly, Alex\ninstructed courses on graphic design at Miami University in the Interactive\nMedia Studies school."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Alex\ncurrently serves on the Design and Honor Awards committee for AIA Toledo and as\na mentor in the AIA Toledo High School Design Competition for Anthony Wayne\nHigh School and Maumee High School. In addition to his participation in AIA\nToledo, Alex is Vice President of the Maumee Uptown Business Association (MUBA)\nwhich strives to support businesses through various events throughout the year\nthat engage the public in the uptown area. In his free time, Alex coaches\nfootball for Maumee High School and works with student athletes on strength\ntraining in the offseason."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Alex\ngrew up in Northwest Ohio and currently lives in Maumee with his wonderful\nwife, Mackenzie, and their dog, Wednesday. They like to spend their free time\nin the local parks, watching movies, and playing with Wednesday. He concludes,\n\u201cI feel extremely fortunate to be able to wake up every day and work in what\nhas been my dream profession since I was a child. It started with playing with\nLegos and turned into something much greater - the honor of working with\nclients to make their dreams come true. I am very fortunate to have Mackenzie\nand the rest of our families as an incredible support system throughout school\nand my young career, as well as the pleasure of working for a great company in\nBuehrer Group.\u201d"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Alex\nSchrinel will be presented the 2022 AIA Toledo Emerging Professional of the\nYear Award at the AIA Toledo Honor Awards Celebration in December 2022. "]]],[1,"p",[]],[10,0]]}
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AIA Toledo is pleased to announce the 2022 Emerging Professional of the Year..
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