Turn photos into PDFs with CamScanner

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{"version":"0.3.0","atoms":[],"cards":[],"markups":[["a",["href","https:\/\/www.camscanner.com\/","target","_new"]],["b"],["a",["href","https:\/\/itunes.apple.com\/app\/id388627783?mt=8","target","_new"]],["a",["href","http:\/\/s.intsig.net\/software\/CamScanner.apk?_page_render=native","target","_new"]],["a",["href","http:\/\/www.windowsphone.com\/en-us\/store\/app\/camscanner\/d991ee36-dc78-41e1-9406-0943f13c70fb","target","_new"]],["strong"],["a",["href","https:\/\/ams.aia.org\/eweb\/DynamicPage.aspx?WebCode=KCLoginEdit","target","_new"]],["i"]],"sections":[[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"\n\n\n\n"]]],[1,"h2",[[0,[],0,"Save time on the fly by converting photos into PDFs"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"CamScanner"],[0,[],0," is an application that uses auto-detection\nand auto-correction of your camera functions to turn photos into PDF files. It\ncomes with multiple usage options for the PDFs and allows for some editing as\nwell. While this app is not without flaws, it provides the most in a single\npackage for this type of mobile task. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[1],1,"Usage:"],[0,[],0,"\nThe two main options are simple: Manage your existing documents or create new\nones via your camera. A nice feature is the ability to choose a single page or \u201cbatch\u201d\nof documents prior to photographing. If you have multiple pages, they will all\nbe combined into a single document. Once a photo is taken, you are allowed to\nedit for brightness, contrast, etc. You can also crop to ensure the proper\ninformation is displayed on your new PDF. The app does this for you with\nauto-detection, but you can edit prior to finalization. You can now also access\nthe \u201cscan\u201d image option via 3D touch within newer iOS devices. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Once the document is created, there are\nmany options to choose from: Share with others, make markups, or tag with\nkeywords. The tagging function is especially convenient; it allows you to\norganize files on the go and creates \u201cfolders\u201d within the document-management\ninterface. Although you can use the app as a guest for simple tasks, signing up\nfor an account grants 400 MB of online storage and enhanced functionality.\nThere also is the option to upgrade to a paid account for increased storage and\nadditional editing tools."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[1],1,"Pros:"],[0,[],0,"\nThis app has numerous options for saving, exporting, tagging, and just about\nanything you want to do with an image or PDF. This is one of its strongest\nattributes. The application also has an online component which allows access to\nall the documents right from your desktop. The application syncs quickly across\nall devices and provides many ways to export your document or share with\nothers. It also allows real-time sharing with other CamScanner users, where you\ncan carry on a dialogue about the shared document. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[1],1,"Cons:"],[0,[],0,"\nThe optical character recognition (OCR) feature is not always completely\naccurate, especially with handwritten text, and additional functionality there\nis restricted to the paid version. The limited options for those who don\u0027t\ncreate an account can also be a hassle."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[1],1,"Platforms:"],[0,[],0,"\n"],[0,[2],1,"iOS "],[0,[],0,"and "],[0,[3],1,"Android"],[0,[],0," and "],[0,[4],1,"Windows Phone"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[5],1,"Additional Resources: "],[0,[],0,"Join the "],[0,[6],1,"AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community"],[0,[],0," to receive alerts on upcoming webinars."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[7],1,"Andrew Hawkins,\nAIA, is the founder and principal of Hawkins Architecture, based in College\nStation, Texas."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[7],1,"The AIA does not\nsponsor or endorse any enterprise, whether public or private, operated for\nprofit. Further, no AIA officer, director, committee member, or employee, or\nany of its component organizations in his or her official capacity, is\npermitted to approve, sponsor, endorse, or do anything that may be deemed or construed\nto be an approval, sponsorship, or endorsement of any material of construction\nor any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any\nmaterial or product."]]]]}
Turn photos into PDFs on the fly with CamScanner’s auto-detection and auto-correction, saving you time on the job site and in the studio.
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