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{"version":"0.3.0","atoms":[],"cards":[],"markups":[["strong"]],"sections":[[1,"h2",[[0,[],0,"Become a Member"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"AIA Treasure Coast provides members with connections and networking opportunities within the professional community, continuing education, design competitions, interest area committees and meetings, and leadership opportunities."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Highlights of our chapter include our annual Design Awards, Honors Celebration, Annual Meeting, Table Top Exposition,First Wednesday \/ Thursday Lunch Series, Florida Architecture week and numerous continuing education seminars."]]],[1,"h3",[[0,[0],1,"Membership Levels"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"Architect "],[0,[],0,"(National, State, \u0026 Local)- Currently licensed to practice architecture."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0,0,0],2,"Associate"],[0,[],1," "],[0,[],0,"(National, State, \u0026 Local)- Unlicensed, but meeting one of the following: (1) An intern working towards licensure, working under the supervision of a licensed architect in a professional or technical capacity, (2) a faculty member in an architecture program, or (3) someone who holds a professional degree in architecture."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"Unassigned"],[0,[],0," (Chapter Level Only)- An AIA architect member from another chapter who would like to participate in our chapter events and receive our mailings. Unassigned members are not allowed to vote in our elections, hold a position on our board, or represent our chapter as a delegate to any AIA meeting."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"Emeritus"],[0,[],0," (National, State, \u0026 Local)- An AIA member for 15 successive years and 70 years of age, or 60 and fully retired."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"Allied "],[0,[],0,"(Chapter Level Only) - Open to someone in an allied profession. Membership offers networking opportunities; the ability to present product information to our members; a newsletter subscription and a discount on advertising rates; and the opportunity to participate on committees, attend events, and sponsor events. See information sheet and application."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[0],1,"Sponsor"],[0,[],0," (Chapter Level Only)- Open to a company or firm. Four different levels of sponsorship, each offering specific benefits and a number of affiliate memberships. See information sheet and application."]]],[1,"p",[]]]}
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Become a member
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