Architects get hands on at 9th annual AEC Cares

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{"version":"0.3.0","atoms":[],"cards":[["images-card",{"images":[{"url":"http:\/\/\/dpcbzfiye\/image\/upload\/v1565040814\/o95ovvtiaevdaczbmr44.jpg","id":"6183560"}],"caption":"Volunteers at the AEC Cares remodeling event included architects and other AEC professionals, contractors, product manufacturers, and staff members from AIA, Hanley Wood, and ConstructConnect. "}]],"markups":[["a",["href","https:\/\/\/","target","_new"]],["a",["href","https:\/\/\/partners","target","_new"]],["a",["href","https:\/\/\/","target","_new"]],["em"],["a",["href","http:\/\/\/","target","_new"]]],"sections":[[1,"h2",[[0,[],0,"AEC volunteers teamed up to refurbish areas of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission with fresh paint, new flooring, new windows, and a ramp."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"For the ninth year, architects and AEC professionals, along with AIA, ConstructConnect, and Hanley Wood, gathered to put their knowledge, skills, and hands to work for the annual AEC Cares remodeling blitz, helping to refurbish a Las Vegas community resource in need."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"As with previous events, the 2019 AEC Cares program coincided with the AIA Conference on Architecture. This year\u2019s recipient was the "],[0,[0],1,"Las Vegas Rescue Mission,"],[0,[],0," which provides 30,000 hot meals each month, overnight beds, clothing, and recovery programs for men and women in redemption, recovery, and reentry to independent living. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"\u201cAIA is proud to be a part of the AEC Cares Project Vegas and for the opportunity to work with others to make a positive difference in the community,\u201d said Robert Ivy, FAIA, executive vice president and CEO of AIA. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"The team of volunteers focused their efforts on two areas of the Mission\u2014the chapel and the gym."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"\u201cAEC Cares is a great chance for us to make a big impact in a small amount of time \u2026 and use how we make our living to impact other people\u2019s lives,\u201d says Derek Guffey, vice president of product management at ConstructConnect, a provider of commercial construction information and technology solutions and an "],[0,[1],1,"AIA Innovation Partner"],[0,[],0,". "],[0,[2],1,"ConstructConnect"],[0,[],0," is one of the main organizers of the AEC Cares event, spearheading the effort as well as helping to coordinate the design team, the financial aspects, and material and in-kind donations."]]],[10,0],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Volunteers painted the chapel, including the walls, trim, structural beams, and exposed ductwork, added new chair rail and rubber base molding, and carpeted the stage area."]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Contractors also donated their time, working on site for about a week prior to the event to complete technical aspects of the work before the volunteers\u2014including AIA members, building product manufacturers, AIA staff, and team members from Hanley Wood\u2014converged to finish the job. Along with providing material and monetary donations, some manufacturers joined the building blitz to offer expertise on product installation. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"On the exterior of the gym, teams installed a new ADA ramp. Inside, they removed two walls, replaced the electrical components, and then furred out the news walls and added fresh drywall. Volunteers patched portions of the concrete floors and ceiling, installed rubber flooring, and added a new door and two new windows. \u201cYou don\u2019t get to see tangible results from your work on a day-to-day basis, so for me, seeing the impact it has on people keeps me coming back year after year,\u201d says Guffey. "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[],0,"Though the work took only a few days, the impact of the renovations and materials will continue to be felt for months and years to come. \u201cTo be chosen for this project was a huge blessing,\u201d said Heather Williams, director of development at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. \u201cThe time put into this project to re-vamp our chapel and gym is more than we could\u2019ve dreamed of. All of the equipment and supplies donated for the project and given to us thereafter is appreciated and very much needed for additional work here at the Mission.\u201d"]]],[1,"p",[[0,[3],0,"For more details and information on the next AEC Cares event, visit the "],[0,[4],1,"AEC Cares website"],[0,[],1,". "]]],[1,"p",[[0,[3],1,"Katy\nTomasulo is director of AIA\u2019s corporate content studio and has been writing\nabout design and construction for 19 years. "]]]]}
AEC Cares volunteers teamed up to refurbish areas of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission with fresh paint, new flooring, new windows, and a ramp.


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As part of the AEC Cares volunteer effort, architects, AEC pros, contractors, and manufacturers painted walls, trim, ductwork, and structural beams. New carpeting, new walls, and a new ADA Ramp also were installed.
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